Are You Buying A Home?

If you want to buy a home in Sacramento or in the surrounding area, you have found the perfect place! NextHome Premier Properties provides the best tools for you to find the home of your dreams.

NextHome Premier Properties provides a useful way for you to find that beautiful home of your dreams. Navigating our website is very user-friendly! Click on the “Homes For Sale” tab located on the menu bar and refine your search! It’s that easy!

Search an array of information from home values to utilizing the mortgage calculator to find out what your mortgage payment will be. Also, search statistics like demographics (population, average household size, median age, etc..), education (highest level completed, current enrollment, local schools and test ratings), income ( per household, consumer price index, etc..), safety (crime threat ratios), average temperatures.

The information you can obtain is endless! If you can’t find the property of your dreams then it’s not for sale!

NextHome Premier Properties wants you to succeed in the home buying process.

We provide here nine buying tips for you to look into lender’s requirements. How do you prepare? Plan your home buying process in advance.



It is a must for you to analyze what the real needs for your new home are.

You must have a clear picture of what you really expect of and why you need a  new home.

Your Real Estate Agent can help you analyze each step to clear up the home planning and how it should work for you and your family.

Are you currently renting? Do you have to move to another city for a business purpose?  Do you just want to buy the home of your dreams? Ask yourself all these things. Your home needs will depend on your answers and you will move towards your home search accordingly.

Make two lists, one is for describing the home of your dreams and the other one is for listing the features of the home must have in order to buy it.  You surely will be 100% agreeable with the two lists and will be doing a combination of both during the buying process by selecting the most relevant items.



All neighborhoods generally have a particular environment that presents them with uniqueness, value, and appreciation. This should be of great importance for you at the time of starting your home search. You are not going to buy only a new home, you will be buying the neighborhood where you want to live in as well.

If you have children, you’ll need schools for them, recreational areas with activities for kids, and more related things. You also would like to live in a place close to your work so your drive time to and from shouldn’t be a problem.  So, make another list in which you can write down all the requirements. As soon as you get it finished, contact NextHome Premier Properties with the three lists, the two you’ve previously completed and this new one. We will help you in your home search based on the information provided.  Our experience on the local market will be the greatest source for you during this entire step.

Now, if you don’t know how to complete these lists, don’t worry.  You and one of our friendly and experienced agents will work as a team to help you decide.



Now, you have these two lists done, so you should be ready to start your home searching.

However, you will need to know what price range to start looking at.

This involves two ways to do it.  Getting pre-qualified or pre-approved. For both, you will need to get in touch with a mortgage company.

Loan prequalification is an easy process in which your financial status is analyzed to give you the sum for which you can qualify. Your financial status and the information provided in that regard will be based only on the information given by you.

This procedure can be easily done through our website by clicking the link “Apply Online” located on the menu bar or even over the phone. You need to know that getting a pre-qualification only means that you might be eligible for a certain sum.

A pre-approved buyer is a totally different thing because you will be, in fact, approved for a loan. Loans are not available to everyone. Every car payment, rent or credit card bills must be paid on time for at least one year before buying a  home. All information pertained to your financial situation will be strictly checked so that the lender will be completely sure that any barriers would come up during the buying process. Now you know that getting a pre-approved is better than a pre-qualified. If you had a few problems in the past with your credit, don’t get discouraged either.

Today, banks and lenders have many different plans and programs for borrowers with not a perfect credit. So don’t let that stop you from getting your dream home.

Call us today and get pre-qualified.