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The 10 largest real estate listing portals are capturing nearly half of all nonmobile traffic to U.S. real estate-related websites, according to aggregate Web visit metrics compiled by Experian Marketing Services (formerly Experian Hitwise).

The top 10 real estate websites captured 42 percent of total visits in the space during January, with Zillow (9.17 percent market share), Trulia (7 percent) and (6.09 percent) leading the pack.

Experian, which measures total visits to a site from desktop computers, not unique visitors or traffic from mobile devices, reported a total of 482 million visits to real estate sites in January, a 12-month high.

Along with Yahoo Homes, No. 4 in January with 5.5 percent market share, Zillow, Trulia and have filled the same top four relative spots in terms of website market share since June 2012, when Trulia leapfrogged Yahoo Homes and to capture the No. 2 spot, which it hasn’t relinquished since.

Top 10 most-visited real estate-related websites in the U.S. for January 2013*

Rank Website Total visits Visits share
1 Zillow 44.19 million 9.17%
2 Trulia 33.70 million 7.00%
3 29.32 million 6.09%
4 Yahoo Homes 26.48 million 5.50%
5 FrontDoor Real Estate 26.14 million 5.43%
6 17.98 million 3.73%
7 MSN Real Estate 7.17 million 1.49%
8 7.12 million 1.48%
9 AOL Real Estate 6.56 million 1.36%
10 Apartment Guide 5.89 million 1.22%

Source: Experian Marketing Services. *Excludes traffic from mobile devices.