Make Your Open House Memorable

With spring around the corner, open house season will soon be upon us. If you’ve listed your home for sale, you’ve probably already worked on making small repairs, de-cluttering, and generally sprucing up your home. Now is the time to start thinking about whether you want to hold an open house. And if the answer is yes, here are a few secrets to having the best open house in town:

  • Stage your home for viewing. Since you have plenty of time to get ready for the day, take the time to artfully arrange your furnishings and belongings in an appealing manner. Remember that prospective homebuyers will have license to peek into your closets and cupboards, so make sure that they’re well organized and give a sense of spaciousness. For an added touch, buy some fresh flowers and put them out. Leave fluffy towels and pretty soaps out in the bathrooms. And the smell of freshly baked cookies is always appealing. 
  • Promote your home in as many ways as you can. Make sure that your open house is listed in local publications. Put up signs around the neighborhood and make sure that you don’t forget to hang some in high-traffic areas and intersections with arrows pointing the way to your door. Hand out flyers – some local businesses will let you leave literature in their lobbies. And don’t forget about the Internet. Make sure you put the word out over email to your friends and let people know on Facebook. Your real estate agent can help you promote your event. 
  • Keep a log of the people who stop by. Since your real estate agent will be hosting the event, let him or her know you’d like to keep track of visitors for follow-up. It’s easy to keep a log of the visitors who come by and their contact information. A simple sheet of paper will do, but a nice log book might add a touch of class. Ask your agent for help with this. 
  • Clean and sterilize your home until it sparkles and shines. You can play up natural lighting with spotless windows, while gleaming floors will make your home seem like new. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. And don’t forget to clean up the yard. Winter can be hard on a home, and you want your lawn to be free of debris and looking tidy for a good first impression. 
  • Remove your pets and children – and yourself! – for the duration. Your real estate agent can handle giving tours, and potential homebuyers will feel more at ease asking questions and expressing their impressions if you are not there.Holding an open house is a great way to get a lot of eyes on your property at once. Since it’s more informal than a private showing, some people feel more comfortable dropping by without making too much of a commitment. And if just one of those visitors falls in love with your home, you’ll be well on your way to a sale.